A holographic photo frame project maddens the canvas

A holographic photo frame project maddens the canvas

Violet Field inHigh TechJan 9, 2021 2 min read14 views

The Looking Glass Portrait holographic photo frame project has already raised more than 1.8 million euros on the KickStarter crowdfunding platform

A holographic frame drives the canvas crazy - Geeko

Forget digital photo frames, the future is in holographic frames. The American company Looking Glass specialized in this field a few years ago, but it was not until the beginning of 2021 that it seemed to have finally broken through with a product that was successful on KickStarter . His Looking Glass Portait has already grossed over $ 1.8 million on the platform, and the count is far from freezing.

The accessory takes on the appearance of a completely classic photo frame. Except that it allows you to display holographic images , captured either using a professional device or with a compatible smartphone. The latest iPhone models are notably capable of capturing images which can be used to create holograms. According to the startup , the process is exceedingly easy. Just take a photo in portrait mode, upload it to the platform and it is automatically transferred to the holographic frame.

A hologram is priceless… er, yes!

If this type of accessory was originally intended for creative minds, filmmakers, photographers and artists, Looking Glass intends to make it an everyday object. The technology would now be sufficiently accessible for the average consumer interested in it.

If the concept is attractive, the accessory is however sold for nearly 250 dollars. Excluding KickStarter, it will be charged $ 349.

In addition to being able to display holographic images, the start-up's framework also allows you to add animations with tools like Unity. The applications are therefore multiple.