A French start-up imagined the first curved photo sensor

A French start-up imagined the first curved photo sensor

Violet Field inHigh TechDec 27, 2020 2 min read0 views

The curved sensor is primarily intended for the scientific community

A French startup imagined the first curved photosensor - Geeko

The French start-up Curve-One has just unveiled the very first curved photosensor in the world. A technological feat developed in collaboration with researchers from the CNRS d'Aix-Marseille University and which took 7 years of development.A technology that is not intended primarily for smartphones or the general public, but for the scientific community.

The particularity of the sensor is obviously its curvature. As it is, the latter perfectly matches the curvature of the brain, which will allow researchers to observe this organ more effectively. The sensor was also developed in this context for the Institute of Neuroscience of Timone.

Science, then smartphones?

Apart from this very precise use, the Curve-One sensor could be used in other fields, in particular that of astrophotography, namely the photography of celestial objects. But the French start-up would also like to get closer to the smartphone market, although the latter was not its primary objective.

The point is that the curvature of the sensor improves properties inherent in traditional flat sensors which lose sharpness at angles and display grain in low light. Using curved sensors would therefore correct this, but also other optical aberrations including the distortion induced by the wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle models.

Photography specialists such as Nikon, Toshiba, and Sony have long sought to correct these flaws, failing to market a viable solution, especially for smartphones. Curve-One could therefore be the solution, but the start-up will still have to struggle to adapt its curved sensor to smartphones. The French company is considering this possibility in any case. It will certainly take several years to achieve this and gain a foothold in the smartphone optics market.