A golfer is one who plays golf, either recreationally or professionally. Golf is a game in which the players use clubs to hit a small, hard ball into a series of holes on a golf course with the minimum number of strokes. One peculiar feature about this game is that it does not require a standardized playing area; instead it is played on a large outdoor area known as a golf course consisting of an arrangement of 9 or 18 holes spaced far apart. Golfers can be amateurs or professionals. An amateur golfer is one who plays for enjoyment and not for rewards; however it is necessary for a golfer to have a certain level of competitiveness and skills to be considered an amateur. They are not allowed to apply for membership to any organization meant for professional players or accept any payment in cash or kind. On the other hand, professional golfers are the ones who make their living through golf, either by playing the game or by teaching it. A majority of professional golfers earn their livelihood by running golf clubs, by coaching others and by dealing in golf equipment.

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