The mistake we all make when making tea

The mistake we all make when making tea 1

For breakfast, during a cocooning evening under a plaid, or at the turn of a coffee machine … the desire for a good hot tea is sometimes felt. But beware a mistake that we all make often prevents us from taking advantage of it optimally.

When it comes time to serve the tea, many of us let the bag sit in the cup, sometimes for long minutes. A bad habit to lose to enjoy all the taste (and nutritional) qualities of this essential hot drink.

The harms of too long an infusion

We tend to let the tea brew much longer than necessary. As a result, the tea turns into a bitter and unpleasant drink in the mouth.

Moreover, and as surprising as it may seem, the less the tea is brewed, the higher its caffeine (or theine) concentration. Indeed, tea also contains tannin responsible for reducing the effect of caffeine on the body. During the infusion, caffeine is released well before the tannins. The more time passes, the more time they have to develop by decreasing the effect of caffeine. These tannins are also responsible for the bitterness of the tea. So avoid brewing tea for too long if you want to enjoy its energizing benefits.

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What can be done to prevent the tea from becoming too bitter?

Keep an eye on the watch. For a perfect infusion, be sure to follow the instructions mentioned on the package. If there is no indication, let the sachet steep for 1 to 2 minutes (for white tea), 2 to 3 minutes (for green tea), 3 to 5 minutes (for black tea), and 3 to 8 minutes (for rooibos tea).

Dose the quantities. If you only have loose tea on hand, one teaspoon per cup, slipped into a tea ball is enough.

Do not make to boil the water of the tea. Tea should never be infused in boiling water at the risk of altering its taste and losing the most delicate fragrances.

Choose a good quality tea. Choose teas of organic origin and good quality that will be less likely to develop an unpleasant taste at the time of infusion.

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How to catch up with a bitter tea?

To catch up with a bitter tea, do not hesitate to add a few spoons of honey or agave syrup. You can also pour a little milk (animal or vegetable) to bring sweetness and creaminess to your drink.

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