History and legend of the Grog

History and legend of the Grog 1

The story of the Grog is really interesting and tells how alcohol could help to conserve water supplies during the ancient missions of the Royal Navy. In addition to knowing more about how the Grog was created, the name of an old coat worn by Admiral Vernon, we deepen his original recipe and the different variations, from the super alcoholic ones developed from three different rums, up to one of the many versions of non-alcoholic, fragrant and spicy Grog.

đồ uống toddy nóng làm từ rượu whisky, xi-rô đơn giản, nước nóng, đinh hương và vỏ cam sẵn sàng cho khách hàng trong quán rượu trên quầy bar. - grog hình ảnh sẵn có, bức ảnh & hình ảnh trả phí bản quyền một lần

Where do you drink Grog?

What is Grog? Grog is a very famous alcoholic beverage originally composed of water and rum. What is really interesting about the Grog, however, is its history: you have to ask, in fact, where do you drink the Grog? Everything was born within the Royal Navy, that is the British Navy, when Vice Admiral Edward Old Grog Vernon introduced the drink that, in fact, develops after a series of attempts and solutions devised to disguise the muddy taste of drinking water stored on combat ships during long missions. At first beer or wine is used, however, these drinks are also subject to deterioration, then, with the conquest of Jamaica in 1655, home of rum, the latter replaces other spirits.

Hot mulled apple cider with cinnamon sticks, cloves and anise

What do sailors drink?

In the scenario just described, then, what do sailors drink? In the beginning, they are given a ration of rum to consume over several days, however, most sailors tend to drink it all together, to get drunk and stun. Then it is decided to dilute it with water, so as to obtain a double advantage: water safeguarded longer from deterioration and polished and reactive crew. In this way, a half-pint of rum mixed with a quarter gallon of water is served twice a day, before noon and after the end of the working day, to sailors becoming part of the official rules of the Royal Navy and this rule remains in force for over two centuries. This is the collective imagination also leads to seeing the drink as the Grog of pirates. Since one of the most common diseases among sailors is scurvy, which is contained with vitamin C, lemon juice or lime is added to the ration. Subsequently, the Grog is also adopted by the United States Navy and the moment it is served becomes a real ritual: at eleven in the morning a Nostromo plays the so-called Up Spirits and the non-commissioned officer climbs on the aft deck to distribute the pint of rum to the crew. All this remained in force until 1970.

Difference between Grog and Punch

Thinking about the Punch recipe, which adds herbs and aromas to water and alcohol, you could find similarities with Grog: but, in reality, what is the difference between Grog and PunchThe Grog is as hot as the Punch but the latter can provide for the addition of aromatic herbs, which make it ideal as a digestive. From these drinks also derives the Ponce livornese.

Grog recipe

After the extensive page dedicated to its history, let’s see what is the recipe of grog: the following is one of the most widespread, deriving from the simple mix of water, rum and citrus served on the Royal Navy. The ingredients should simply be mixed and, for one person, are 63 ml of Jamaican dark rum, 30 grams of brown sugar, a splash of lemon juice, and 125 ml of boiling water. This is also what is considered the recipe of the Pirate Grog.

Warm Hot Toddy with Lemon

Navy Grog

The Recipe for Navy Grog is developed by Donn Beach, the bartender who revolutionized the mixology industry. The cocktail in question is very alcoholic and includes three different types of rum: 3 cl of light rum, 3 cl of Jamaican dark rum, 3 cl of Demerara rum to which must be added 2.25 cl of pink grapefruit juice, the same amount of lime juice and also 1.5 cl of acacia honey. What is the procedure for making the Navy Grog? Squeeze the grapefruit and lime, then strain the juices, put the honey and water in a small glass and stir until the honey melts then combine all the ingredients in a shaker with chopped ice, shake well for 15 seconds and pour into a glass full of crushed ice. Certainly, the cocktail is very strong, so be careful: it is also cold, unlike the original hot Grog.

Non-alcoholic grog

How to make non-alcoholic grog? Here variations and tastes are really many and personal, here is one of the many versions: the ingredients are 300 ml of grape juice, preferably red, orange, lime, a couple of teaspoons full of honey, various spices such as cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and peppercorns. The grape juice must be heated, adding the juice of the lime, its rind, and that of the orange (always without the white part), subsequently, after a few minutes over low heat, put the honey, cloves, ginger, and peppercorns, which in the end must be eliminated. Remove from heat and filter the mixture, serving it hot with a sprinkling of cinnamon.

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