High and soft potato focaccia

High and soft potato focaccia 1

For the dough (for a 40×27 cm baking tray)

  • Flour 0 400 g
  • Re-milled durum wheat semolina 100 g
  • Potatoes 300 g
  • Water 220 g
  • Extra virgin olive oil 25 g
  • Salt up to 10 g
  • Fresh brewer’s yeast 7 g

To season

  • Extra virgin olive oil 15 g
  • Salt flakes q.b.
  • Oregano q.b.

To grease bowl and baking tray

  • Extra virgin olive oil to .b.


High and soft potato focaccia, step 1

To make the high and soft potato focaccia, first, boil the potato in cold water until it is soft enough to be able to skewer it with a fork (1). Drain the potato and let it cool, then crush it in a large bowl (2) and add the flour (3).

High and soft potato focaccia, step 2

Add the semolina (4) and the crumbled fresh yeast (5), then pour half the water (6) and start stirring with a ladle.

High and soft potato focaccia, step 3
After mixing the mixture, add the salt (7) and the rest of the water flush (8) while continuing to knead with your hands. When the water has been completely absorbed, add the oil (9).
High and soft potato focaccia, step 4

Knead the dough on the work surface for about 10 minutes (10). If it turns out to be very soft and sticky, let it rest for 5 minutes by covering it with the bowl. Give a few folds to the dough and form a smooth and homogeneous ball (11), then transfer it to the oiled bowl, cover with plastic wrap and let it rise at room temperature for about 3 hours or until the volume doubles (12).

High and soft potato focaccia, step 5

After the leavening time (13) slide the dough into a 40×27 cm baking tray that you have slightly oiled, taking care not to turn it upside down (14). Roll out the dough with your hands directly into the baking tray (15).

High and soft potato focaccia, step 6

If the dough tends to shrink, let it rest for a minute and gently enlarge it so that it covers the entire surface (16). Cover the baking sheet with another baking sheet or damp cloth and let it rise for another hour. After this time season with oil and press your fingers into the dough to create the typical holes (17). Also add the salt flakes (18).

High and soft potato focaccia, step 7

Finally, sprinkle with oregano (19) and bake in a preheated static oven at 220 ° for 30 minutes on the bottom shelf (20). When it is golden, take your high and soft potato focaccia out of the oven and serve it still hot (21)!


hình ảnh cận cảnh ổ bánh mì focaccia tự làm của ý trên khay nướng, phủ khoai tây thái mỏng và rắc muối biển, tập trung vào tiền cảnh - potato focaccia hình ảnh sẵn có, bức ảnh & hình ảnh trả phí bản quyền một lần

The tall, fluffy potato flatbread can be stored in a food bag for 2 days. Alternatively, you can freeze it after cooking it and cooling it completely.


To obtain an even more honeycomb dough you can let it rest in the refrigerator overnight: the following day let it return to room temperature for about an hour before continuing with the recipe.

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