5 ideas for cooking quince

5 ideas for cooking quince 1

In autumn, quinces are at their best. However, there are those who do not dare to try them because they do not know how to cook them beyond the classic quince sweet. To solve it, here are 5 proposals for preparations that make it clear that this autumn fruit is much more versatile than you think. Which one do you keep? The sweet or the savory versions?

Quince stuffed with meat

Quince stuffed with meat

Ingredients: 400 g of minced meat (pork and beef), 25 g of flour, 25 g of butter, 4 quinces, 2 tomatoes, 1 onion, 1 lime, 2 garlic, 1 green pepper, 1 dl of white wine, 1/4 of milk, 1 tablespoon of soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of sugar, Emmental cheese and salt.

Sauté the onion, garlic, green pepper, and tomato with a little oil. Add the seasoned minced meat, a small tablespoon of sugar, wine, and soy. Reservation.

In a pan, melt the butter. Add the flour and remove the pan to stir trying to dissolve the lumps. Add a little milk and mix quickly until you get a dense mixture. Add milk little by little and without stopping stirring. Put back about ten minutes on low heat, finishing adding the milk and seasoning.

Part the quinces lengthwise, remove the seeds and part of the pulp. Cook the quinces for about twenty-five minutes with salt and lime juice. Fill them with the meat. Top with the béchamel sauce and sprinkle grated cheese. Gratin and serve.

Quince with cheese and biscuits

Quince with cheese and biscuits

Ingredients: 100 g of Manchego cheese, 3 quinces, 8 Digestive cookies, 4 natural yogurts, and sugar.

Put a pot on the fire with the quinces washed and rubbed to remove the lint from the skin. Cover with water and let cook until tender. Remove, drain and let temper. Peel, remove the heart and seeds, and pass the crushed meat by a Chinese. Weigh the crushed quince meat and add the same amount of sugar. Put the quince and sugar in a casserole over low heat and keep, watching that it does not burn, turning repeatedly with a spoon until the mixture thickens and acquires the characteristic color of quince candy. It should not take on too much color or thicken too much. Reservation.

Put a saucepan on the fire with the yogurts and grated cheese. Keep over low heat stirring until the cheese dissolves and integrates with the yogurt. Crush the cookies with a kneading roller so that they are reduced to crumbs (not dust). Finally, distribute in 4 glasses and in this order: quince, cream cheese, and cookies.

Quince candy

Ingredients: 1 k of quince, 1 k of sugar, 1 l of water, and cinnamon stick

Quince candy

Put a saucepan on the fire with the water. Peel the quinces and remove the heart and nuggets. Cut it into pieces and add them to the water.

When the quince begins to be tender, pass it through a Chinese and then through a fine strainer. Mix the quince puree with the sugar and some of the cooking water and put it back on the fire. Stir continuously and incorporate the cinnamon. Cook it, without stopping moving, until it is homogeneous and begins to take color. Remove it from the heat and let it rest.

When it starts to cool, put the quince in molds, cover them and leave them in the refrigerator for a few days.

Quince with cod, potato and raisins

Ingredients: 4 tacos of fresh cod, 300 g of potatoes, 50 g of raisins, 1 quince, 4 tomatoes, 1 onion, 1 garlic, 1 dl of sweet sherry, 1 dl of liquid cream, Nutmeg, Olive oil, salt, and pepper, chives or parsley and 1 dl of water

Grate tomatoes, onion, and garlic. Put it all with 2 tablespoons of olive oil over low heat for 10 minutes. Add 1 dl of sweet sherry and leave until the mixture acquires syrup consistency. Withdraw and reserve.

Cook the potatoes for 25 minutes. Remove, drain, season with salt and pepper and add a little nutmeg. Put in a bowl, add the cream and 1 dl of hot water and crush with a blender until you get a homogeneous mixture.

Put the peppered cod tacos in a saucepan covered in olive oil and keep for 5 to 7 minutes on the heat as low as possible and stir. Cut the quince into thin slices and fry in a pan with a little olive oil until crispy.

Serve the candied cod over step 1 syrup, mashed potatoes, raisins, and sliced quince. Garnish with parsley or chives.

Cottage cheese mousse with quince candy

Ingredients: 300 g of cottage cheese, 300 g of melon, 150 g of quince, 4 tablespoons of rice puffed with honey, 4 tablespoons of sugar, 1 glass of whipped cream, 1 handful of nuts, 1 sprig of peppermint, red cherries, and wafers

Cottage cheese with quince

Cut the nuts, quince, and melon into small pieces. With the help of a blender, add cottage cheese, sugar, and some mint leaves.

Add the cream stirring with the help of a rod. Then put it in the fridge for at least ten minutes.

For the presentation, serve a portion of the mousse obtained, decorate with the rice puffed with honey, a wafer, some mint leaves, and red cherries.

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