22 Square Wedding Cakes for a Modern Celebration

22 Square Wedding Cakes for a Modern Celebration 1

Avoiding the usual round tiers in favor of square tiers is a simple approach to modernize your wedding cake. A modern, pared-down confection has a fresh and sophisticated feel about it, with clean, sharp lines and ideal 90-degree angles. Wedding cakes with square layers are very eye-catching, so if you’re organizing a modern-style party, a modern cake will go wonderfully with the theme.

Top the cake with cascading blossoms or paint it in pastel colours watercolor-style for a more feminine and romantic spin on the geometric treat. Consider an all-white cake with a single wispy flower topping or a sprinkling of berries for a more understated look. Choose an Art Deco-inspired cake for more sparkle and glamour, or add acrylic stackers for a luxurious effect. Darker colors and concrete-style cakes and stands can even be edgy and urban.

Take a peek at some of our favorite square-shaped confections, which range from geometric motifs to elegant ruffles.

1. Modern Mondrian Confection

modern square cake

2. Geometric Wedding Cake

Geometric square cake

3. Asymmetrical Floating Backdrop

square cake with greenery

4. Faux Bois Wedding Cake

faux bois wedding cake

5. Art Deco Confection

Art Deco Cake

6. Deconstructed Wedding Cake

Square One-Tiered Wedding Cakes

7. Galaxy Wedding Cake

Square cake

8. Pop Art Cake

Square wedding cake

9. Pop of Color Wedding Cake

Naked square wedding cake

10. Gilded Wedding Cake

Square wedding cake

11. Lace Wedding Cake

Lace wedding cake

12. Naked Wedding Cake

Naked square wedding cake

13. Dark Wedding Cake

Dark wedding cake

14. Celestial Wedding Cake

Green wedding cake

15. Meringue Wedding Cake

Square Meringue Cake

16. Sugar Flower Wedding Cake

Square wedding cake

17. Acrylic Stack Wedding Cake

Acrylic Wedding Cake

18. Multi-Tiered Wedding Cake

Square wedding cake

19. Square and Round Wedding Cake

Square cake

20. Color Blocking Cake

Square wedding cake

21. Great Gatsby Glam Cake

Square wedding cake

22. Mosaic-Tile Cake

mosaic square wedding cake

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