Famous people died in September 1980

Willard Libby

Willard Libby

Willard Frank Libby was an American physical chemist who was awarded the ‘Nobel Prize’ in Chemistry in 1960

AmericanDecember 17, 1908340 views

George Reginald Starr

George Reginald Starr was a British mining engineer who served as one of SOE’s best wartime agents during World War II

BritishApril 6, 1904131 views

Katherine Anne Porter

Katherine Anne was an American Pulitzer prize winning journalist, essayist, novelist and a short story writer

AmericanMay 15, 1890107 views

Bill Evans

Bill Evans was one of the most famous Jazz pianists of the 20th century who revolutionized Jazz

AmericanAugust 16, 1929223 views

John Bonham

John Bonham is an English musician and songwriter who is best recognised as the drummer of the band ‘Led Zeppelin’

BritishMay 31, 1948211 views

Jean Piaget

Jean Piaget was a psychologist and philosopher known for his theory of cognitive development

SwissAugust 9, 1896386 views