Famous people died in March 1975

George Stevens

George Stevens

George Stevens was an American director, producer, screenwriter and cinematographer

AmericanDecember 18, 1904135 views

Susan Hayward

Susan Hayward was an American actress who started as a fashion model and then moved to Hollywood to act in films

AmericanJune 30, 191792 views

Ivo Andric

Ivo Andric was a short story writer who went on to win the Nobel Prize in Literature

YugoslavOctober 9, 1892102 views

Aristotle Onassis

Aristotle Onassis was a Greek Argentine business tycoon

GreekJanuary 15, 1906115 views

Olga Hepnarová

Olga Hepnarová was a Czech murderer executed for killing eight people with a truck in 1973

CzechJune 30, 1951502 views