Famous people died in June 2008

Jane McGrath

Jane McGrath

Jane McGrath, wife of Australian fast bowler Glenn McGrath, was an active cancer activist

BritishMay 4, 196689 views

Sam Manekshaw

Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw was the first Indian Army Officer to become the Field Marshal

IndianApril 3, 1914102 views

Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent was an Algerian-French fashion designer, one of the greatest and most celebrated icons of the fashion industry

FrenchAugust 1, 1936185 views

Mel Ferrer

Mel Ferrer was an American actor, director and producer

AmericanAugust 25, 1917320 views

George Carlin

George Carlin was a comedian and social satirist most noted for his views on controversial subjects

AmericanMay 12, 1937156 views

Tsutomu Miyazaki

Tsutomu Miyazaki was a Japanese serial killer who murdered four young girls

JapaneseAugust 21, 1962205 views