Famous people died in February 2013

Robert Coleman Richardson

Robert Coleman Richardson

Robert Coleman Richardson was an American experimental physicist who won a share of the 1996 Nobel Prize in Physics

AmericanJune 26, 193789 views

Donald A. Glaser

Donald Arthur Glaser was a prominent American physicist and neurobiologist who won the 1960 Nobel Prize in Physics

AmericanSeptember 21, 1926132 views

Reeva Steenkamp

Reeva Steenkamp was an illustrious South African model who was shot dead by her famous Olympian boyfriend, Oscar Pistorius

Van Cliburn

Van Cliburn was an American pianist who shot to international fame when he became the first American to win the International Tchaikovsky Piano Competition in Moscow

AmericanJuly 12, 1934169 views

Chris Kyle

Christopher Scott Kyle, better known as Chris Kyle, was a ‘US Navy SEAL’ veteran

AmericanApril 8, 1974247 views