Famous people died in 1981 - page 2

Enid Lyons

Enid Lyons

Enid Lyons was the first woman to be elected to the Australian House of Representatives

AustralianJuly 9, 189792 views

Marcel Breuer

Marcel Lajos Breuer was a world famous modernist architect and designer considered as one of the most prominent proponents of International Style

HungarianMay 21, 1902221 views

Hideki Yukawa

Hideki Yukawa was a renowned Japanese theoretical physicist and the first Japanese to be awarded the Nobel Prize

JapaneseJanuary 23, 190792 views

Omar Torrijos

Omar Torrijos was a famous political leader of Panama, who is known for the Panama Canal treaties signed with U.S.A

Martín Torrijos

Martín Torrijos is a former President of Panama, famous for introducing various progressive changes, including the ‘Canal Expansion Project’

PanamanianJuly 18, 1963102 views

Carl Ludwig Siegel

Carl Ludwig Siegel is considered to be one of the greatest mathematicians of the 20th century

GermanDecember 31, 1896129 views

William Wyler

William Wyler was a renowned American filmmaker

AmericanJuly 1, 1902110 views

Joe Louis

Joe Louis was a famous American boxing champion

AmericanMay 13, 1914126 views

Anita Loos

A playwright and author, Anita Loos is well known in literary circles around the world for her famous novels as well as screenplays

AmericanApril 26, 1889162 views

Allan Dwan

A man of innovation with over 400 movies to his credit, Allan Dwan was a writer, director, producer belonging to the era of silent films

AmericanApril 3, 1885136 views