Famous people born in September 1965

Scottie Pippen

Scottie Pippen

Scottie Pippen is an American retired basketball player

AmericanSeptember 25, 19652,200 views

Steve Kerr

Steve Kerr is an American former professional basketball player and coach

LebaneseSeptember 27, 1965145 views

Tshering Tobgay

Tshering Tobgay is the current Prime Minister of Bhutan

Collette Dinnigan

Collette Dinnigan is an Australian fashion designer

Bashar al-Assad

Bashar al-Assad is the current President of Syria

SyrianSeptember 11, 1965162 views

Lennox Lewis

Lennox Lewis is a retired boxer and a former world heavyweight champion

Chris Morris

Chris Morris is a British radio personality, television anchor, director & satirist

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is a popular American television and movie actor

Kyle Chandler

Kyle Chandler is an American actor known for his work in the TV show 'Early Edition.'

AmericanSeptember 17, 1965124 views

Ernesto Bertarelli

Ernesto Bertarelli is an Italian-born Swiss businessman, sports enthusiast and philanthropist, who is among the richest persons on the earth

ItalianSeptember 22, 1965140 views