Famous people born in October 1944

Sali Berisha

Sali Berisha

Sali Berisha is an Albanian politician who served as the President and the Prime Minister of Albania

AlbanianOctober 15, 1944653 views

David Trimble

David Trimble is a British politician who was instrumental in finding a peaceful solution to the ongoing conflict in Northern Ireland

BritishOctober 15, 1944201 views

James Carville

James Carville is a famous American political consultant and strategist who became famous for leading the successful presidential campaign of Bill Clinton.

AmericanOctober 25, 1944129 views

Ahmed Chalabi

Ahmed Chalabi was a controversial Iraqi politician who served as deputy prime minister of Iraq for a brief period

IraqiOctober 30, 1944350 views

Peter Tosh

Peter Tosh was a famous Jamaican Reggae musician and a promoter of Rastafari

JamaicanOctober 19, 1944856 views