Famous people born in October 1938

Ralph Bakshi

Ralph Bakshi

Ralph Bakshi is an American director of animated films best known for the X-rated movie, ‘Fritz the Cat’

IsraeliOctober 29, 1938177 views

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is the current President of Liberia; she is Africa’s first elected female head of state

LiberianOctober 29, 1938130 views

Fela Kuti

Fela Kuti was a Nigerian musician and composer who pioneered the Afrobeat genre

NigerianOctober 15, 1938150 views

Dawn Wells

Dawn Elberta Wells is a seasoned American actress

AmericanOctober 18, 1938269 views

Christopher Lloyd

Christopher Lloyd is a popular American actor and comedian

AmericanOctober 22, 1938115 views

John Dean

John Dean was the White House Counsel for President Richard Nixon, who was involved in the infamous, Watergate Scandal.

AmericanOctober 14, 1938150 views