Famous people born in May 2000

Asa Howard

Asa Howard

Asa Howard is an American social-media personality

AmericanMay 21, 2000260 views


Nova is a young American rapper who won the popular show ‘The Rap Game’

AmericanMay 28, 200092 views

Roan Joseph Bronstein

Roan Joseph Bronstein is an American actor and the adopted son of former celebrity couple Sharon Stone and Phil Bronstein

AmericanMay 22, 2000395 views

Nicholas Hamilton

Nicholas William Hamilton is an Australian actor

AustralianMay 4, 2000178 views

Maeve Tomalty

Maeve Tomalty is an actress known for her role in the series ‘Henry Danger.’

CanadianMay 27, 2000354 views

Maggie Atcheson

Maggie Atcheson is a young American YouTube Star and social media personality

AmericanMay 29, 2000266 views

Karina Conti

Karina Conti is an American Instagram and musical.ly star

AmericanMay 28, 2000246 views

Emily Alyn Lind

Emily Alyn Lind is an American child actress and singer, best known for the starring role in the series ‘Revenge.’

AmericanMay 6, 2000492 views

Will Simmons

Will Simmons is an American dancer and actor

AmericanMay 19, 2000121 views

Mika Abdalla

Mika Abdalla is an American film and television actress

AmericanMay 13, 2000460 views