Famous people born in March 1947

James Patterson

James Patterson

James Patterson is a popular American author

AmericanMarch 22, 1947145 views

Alan Sugar

Alan Sugar is a famous British entrepreneur who founded the electronics company Amstrad

BritishMarch 24, 1947146 views

Glenn Close

Glenn Close is a talented film and stage actress cum producer known for her versatility in choosing her roles

AmericanMarch 19, 1947123 views

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney is an American businessman and politician

AmericanMarch 12, 1947113 views

Ottis Toole

Ottis Toole was an American criminal who was convicted for six murders

AmericanMarch 5, 1947181 views

Elton John

Elton John is the one of the most celebrated English singers and composers of the 20th century

BritishMarch 25, 1947209 views