Famous people born in March 1944

Erwin Neher

Erwin Neher

Erwin Neher is a German biophysicist who was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1991 for Physiology or Medicine for his significant work in cell physiology.

GermanMarch 20, 1944121 views

Camille Cosby

Camille Cosby is an American TV producer, philanthropist, author, and the wife of comedian Bill Cosby

AmericanMarch 20, 1944278 views

Townes Van Zandt

Townes Van Zandt was an American singer and songwriter

AmericanMarch 7, 1944177 views

Sirhan Sirhan

Sirhan Sirhan is the main accused in the assassination of the former US presidential candidate Robert F

JordanianMarch 19, 1944184 views

Roger Daltrey

Roger Daltrey is an English singer and actor, best known as a former member of the band ‘The Who.’ This biography profiles his childhood, family, personal life, career, etc.

BritishMarch 1, 1944201 views

Diana Ross

Diana Ross is an award winning American singer and actress

AmericanMarch 26, 1944170 views

Pattie Boyd

Pattie Boyd is an English model and photographer who was married to Beatles member George Harrison

BritishMarch 17, 1944517 views