Famous people born in March 1934

Carlo Rubbia

Carlo Rubbia is an Italian physicist

ItalianMarch 31, 193490 views

Daniel Kahneman

David Kahneman, a Nobel Memorial prize recipient, has made notable contribution in psychology and economics

IsraeliMarch 5, 1934130 views

Alan Arkin

Alan Arkin is an Oscar winning actor, director, comedian, musician and singer

AmericanMarch 26, 1934489 views

Yuri Gagarin

Yuri Gagarin was a famous Russian cosmonaut and the first man to enter space and orbit the Earth, on the ‘Vostok 1.’

RussianMarch 9, 1934301 views

Richard Chamberlain

Richard Chamberlain is an American actor who shot to fame following his appearance in the title role in the television show ‘Dr

AmericanMarch 31, 1934363 views

Gloria Steinem

Gloria Steinem is an American feminist, author, and journalist

AmericanMarch 25, 1934132 views