Famous people born in July 1980

Pau Gasol

Pau Gasol

Pau Gasol is a well-known Spanish basketball player

SpanishJuly 6, 1980170 views

Gisele Bündchen

Gisele Bundchen is a famous Brazilian supermodel

BrazilianJuly 20, 1980650 views

Skylander Mom

Skylander Mom is the matriarch of the popular Skylander family on YouTube

AmericanJuly 7, 1980112 views

Daniel Markham

Daniel Markham is a Filipino YouTuber who posts educational yet fun videos

FilipinosJuly 23, 1980144 views

Pauly D

Paul DelVecchio, best known as DJ Pauly D, is a popular American DJ and television personality

AmericanJuly 5, 1980730 views

Helen Lasichanh

Helen Lasichanh is a Miami-based fashion designer, stylist, and model, who came to limelight after marrying Pharrell Williams

AmericanJuly 22, 1980102 views

Jamal Woolard

Jamal Woolard is an American actor best recognized for his role in the flick ‘Notorious.’

AmericanJuly 8, 1980189 views

Jesse Jane

Jesse Jane is a noted American adult film actress

AmericanJuly 16, 19801,721 views


Tablo, also known as Daniel Armand Lee and Lee Seon-woong, is a South Korean-Canadian rapper, music producer, entrepreneur, actor and radio host

South KoreanJuly 22, 1980213 views

Jin Goo

Jin Goo is a South Korean actor

South KoreanJuly 20, 1980199 views