Famous people born in July 1904

Pavel Cherenkov

Pavel Cherenkov

Pavel Alekseyevich Cherenkov was a Soviet physicist who was awarded the ‘Nobel Prize in Physics’ in 1958

RussianJuly 28, 1904105 views

Ernst Mayr

Ernst Mayr was a renowned biologist who authored the pioneering book on evolutionary biology titled ‘Systematics and the Origin of Species’

AmericanJuly 5, 1904161 views

J. R. D. Tata

J.R.D.Tata was an Indian businessman and aviator who founded TCS, Tata Motors and Air India

IndianJuly 29, 1904159 views

Robert Todd Lincoln Beckwith

Robert Todd Lincoln Beckwith was an American gentleman farmer who is best known as the last descendant of former American President Abraham Lincoln

AmericanJuly 19, 1904220 views

Pablo Neruda

Pablo Neruda was a Chilean poet, politician and Nobel laureate

ChileanJuly 12, 1904319 views