Famous people born in January 1944

Connie Booth

Connie Booth

Connie Booth is an American-born actor, author, comedian, and psychotherapist

AmericanJanuary 31, 1944376 views

Rolf M. Zinkernagel

Rolf Martin Zinkernagel is an eminent Swiss immunologist who was one of the joint recipients of Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1996

SwissJanuary 6, 1944114 views

Angela Davis

A former leader of the Communist Party USA, Angela Davis is an American social and political activist, Scholar and writer

AmericanJanuary 26, 1944171 views

Mairead Maguire

Mairead Corrigan is a peace activist who co-founded Community for Peace People with Ciaran McKeown and Betty Williams

IrishJanuary 27, 1944107 views

Norodom Ranariddh

Norodom Ranariddh is a Cambodian prince and politician

Omar al-Bashir

Omar al-Bashir is the current President of Sudan

SudaneseJanuary 1, 1944209 views

Paul Keating

Paul Keating is a former Prime Minister of Australia who held office from 1991 to 1996

AustralianJanuary 18, 1944267 views

Joe Frazier

Joe Frazier was a famous American boxer

AmericanJanuary 12, 1944178 views

Kimba Wood

Kimba Maureen Wood is a Senior United States District Judge

AmericanJanuary 21, 1944217 views

Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page is an English musician who rose to fame as the guitarist and leader of the rock band Led Zeppelin

BritishJanuary 9, 19441,170 views