Famous people born in February 1993

Bianca Heinicke

Bianca Heinicke

Bianca Heinicke is a German YouTuber

GermanFebruary 6, 1993114 views

Christian Guzman

Christian Guzman is an American amateur bodybuilder, fitness YouTuber, vlogger, and fitness entrepreneur

AmericanFebruary 20, 1993245 views

Steven Suptic

Steven Suptic is a talented American YouTuber and vlogger

Mauro Icardi

Mauro Emanuel Icardi is an Argentinean professional football player

ItalianFebruary 19, 1993185 views

Will Darbyshire

Will Darbyshire is a multitalented social media star who has gained popularity as a YouTube vlogger, filmmaker, motivational speaker, and author.

BritishFebruary 26, 1993181 views


Akidearest is a YouTube personality, best known for posting videos pertaining to anime

AmericanFebruary 16, 1993231 views

Shane Harper

Shane Harper is an American actor, singer, and dancer

AmericanFebruary 14, 1993389 views


AJ3Fifa is the online alias of British YouTube gamer Andy Castell, who is best known for uploading FIFA videos

BritishFebruary 20, 1993111 views

Jennifer Stone

Jennifer Stone is an American actress known for her role in ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’

AmericanFebruary 12, 1993134 views

Codee Yount

Codee Yount is a YouTube personality, best known for his weird and absurd videos

AmericanFebruary 15, 1993306 views