Famous people born in February 1964

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin is an American politician who served as the ninth Governor of Alaska, from 2006 to 2009

AmericanFebruary 11, 1964135 views

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck is an American television and radio host, political critic, author, television network producer, media celebrity, and businessman

AmericanFebruary 10, 1964172 views

Matt Dillon

Matt Dillon is a renowned American actor and film director

AmericanFebruary 18, 1964209 views

Papa Rug

Papa Rug is the husband of famous YouTuber, Sana Awadis, popularly known as Mama Rug

AmericanFebruary 16, 1964296 views

Ken Shamrock

Ken Shamrock is an American Mixed Martial Artist and a retired professional wrestler

AmericanFebruary 11, 1964190 views

Willie Garson

Willie Garson is a well-known character actor from the USA

AmericanFebruary 20, 1964293 views

Christopher Eccleston

Christopher Eccleston is an English actor famous for portraying the Ninth Doctor in ‘Doctor Who.’

BritishFebruary 16, 1964102 views

Chris Farley

Chris Farley was an American comedian and actor who made millions of people laugh with his lively comic acts

AmericanFebruary 15, 19641,114 views