Famous people born in 1895 - page 3

    Pauline Pfeiffer

    Pauline Pfeiffer

    Pauline Marie Pfeiffer was an American journalist and the second wife of American novelist Ernest Hemingway.

    AmericanJuly 22, 1895112 views

    Lin Yutang

    Lin Yutang was a famous Chinese translator and writer who invented the Chinese-language typewriter

    ChineseOctober 10, 1895147 views

    Carl Orff

    Carl Orff was a legendary German composer best known for his operas and dramatic works

    GermanJuly 10, 1895142 views

    Alberta Hunter

    Alberta Hunter was famous as a blues singer and songwriter

    AmericanApril 1, 189592 views

    Paul Hindemith

    Paul Hindemith is one of the most eminent German violists and composer of all times

    GermanNovember 16, 189591 views

    Vinoba Bhave

    Vinoba Bhave was Gandhi’s spiritual successor and advocator of nonviolence and human rights

    IndianSeptember 11, 1895228 views

    Ragnar Frisch

    Ragnar Frisch was a renowned Norwegian economist who founding the discipline of econometrics

    NorwegianMarch 3, 1895225 views

    Robert Graves

    Robert Graves was an English poet and novelist best known for his war memoir ‘Good-Bye to All That’

    BritishJuly 24, 1895131 views

    Fulton J. Sheen

    Fulton J

    AmericanMay 8, 1895151 views