Famous people born in 1876 - page 2

Pablo Casals

Pablo Casals

Pablo Casals was an influential and esteemed cellist and conductor of the 20th century

SpanishDecember 29, 1876126 views

Mata Hari

Mata Hari was a dancer, courtesan and a spy, who was executed in France on charges of espionage

DutchAugust 7, 1876162 views

Alfred L. Kroeber

Alfred Kroeber was an American cultural anthropologist

AmericanJune 11, 1876180 views

Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Muhammad Ali Jinnah was an influential political leader of India before partition and instrumental in creation of Pakistan

PakistaniDecember 25, 1876129 views

Manuel de Falla

One of the greatest Spanish composers ever, Manuel de Falla is ranked among the most esteemed musicians of the 20th century

SpanishNovember 23, 1876111 views

Jack London

Jack London was a short-story writer hailing from America, who was also a social activist and journalist

AmericanJanuary 12, 1876219 views