Famous people born in 1875 - page 2

D. W. Griffith

D. W. Griffith

Known for his unique and creative movies like ‘The Birth of a Nation’ and ‘Intolerance’, D

AmericanJanuary 22, 1875135 views

Alfred P. Sloan

Alfred Sloan was an American business executive and philanthropist, known for his notable contributions to automotive industry

AmericanMay 23, 1875320 views

Maurice Ravel

Maurice Ravel was a noted French composer of Swiss-Basque descent

FrenchMarch 7, 1875107 views

Thomas Mann

Thomas Mann was a Nobel Prize winning German novelist, short story writer, and philanthropist

GermanJune 6, 1875154 views

Albert Schweitzer

Albert Schweitzer was a German born French theologian, organist, philosopher, physician, and medical missionary

FrenchJanuary 14, 1875220 views

Rainer Maria Rilke

Rainer Maria Rilke was a famous poet known for his modernist German poems