Famous people born in 1863

Alexandre Yersin

Alexandre Yersin

Alexandre Émile John Yersin, popularly known as Alexandre Yersin was a Franco-Swiss bacteriologist and physician

FrenchSeptember 22, 1863176 views

Austen Chamberlain

Austen Chamberlain was a British statesman who was awarded Nobel Peace Prize for his role in negotiating the Locarno Pact

BritishOctober 16, 1863103 views

Arthur Henderson

Arthur Henderson was a British politician who won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work for the League of Nations and its efforts in disarmament

BritishSeptember 13, 1863103 views

Leo Baekeland

Leo Henricus Arthur Baekeland was a Belgian-American chemist well-known for his discovery of photographic paper Velox and polymeric plastic Bakelite.

BelgianNovember 14, 1863203 views

Paul Signac

Paul Signac was a French Neo-Impressionist painter who played a major role in the development of the Pointillist style

FrenchNovember 11, 1863128 views

Pierre de Coubertin

Pierre de Coubertin was a French educator and historian who played a major role in the founding of the International Olympic Committee.

FrenchJanuary 1, 186381 views

Mary Church Terrell

Mary Church Terrell was a renowned national civil rights activist and early advocate for women’s suffrage movement

AmericanSeptember 23, 1863100 views

Vladimir Vernadsky

Vladimir Vernadsky was a famous Ukrainian mineralogist who is known for his pioneering work in the field of radioactivity and biogeochemistry

RussianMarch 12, 186392 views

Frank Hornby

Frank Hornby was a renowned inventor and entrepreneur who founded the popular brand of toys like Meccano and Dinky Toys

BritishMay 15, 1863114 views

Paul Walden

Paul Walden was a Latvian-German chemist who is known for his path-breaking invention known as Walden inversion

GermanJuly 26, 1863138 views