What do you know about the top ranking stars in Thailand?

What do you know about the top ranking stars in Thailand?

Violet Field inEntertainmentApr 28, 2020 3 min read25 views

Thai TV dramas have been very hot in recent years, so many classic works have been introduced.

1. Tik

Tik has the titles of "Thailand's most prominent actor" and "Favorite actor". It can be said that it is undoubtedly a first-line big-name star.


Weir is a well-known Thai actor. His popularity in China is very high. Most of the images on the screen are relatively domineering and tough types. Many Thai dramas starring have also been introduced into China.

3. Vill

 "The Battle of Glass Diamonds" starring Vill has very high popularity in China. The sweet and pure looks are also loved by many Asian audiences. Several recent works have also achieved good results.

4. Son

Son is a popular male star in Thailand, starred in many classic Thai dramas. He has a high face value and I am still a school bully. It can be said to have both appearance and strength.

5. Noon

 Noon is Thailand's first-line Huadan. She has appeared in many classic Thai dramas. Compared with other domestic audiences, there are "Human Value", "Heart Shadow" and "Envy Password".

6. Aff

 Aff should be regarded as one of the most popular female stars in Thailand. Her works such as "The Defendant of Love" and "Yinuo Qingqing" are very popular. They have also been introduced into the country and received a lot of attention.

7. Push

Push can be said to be one of the hottest Thai stars in the country in recent years. It has not only starred in many classic Thai dramas but also has good results in the Chinese entertainment industry and has a very high popularity.

8. Aum

 Aum is a well-known Thai actor. "The Defendant in Love" and "The Last Salvation" are among the top three in Thailand. I also have Chinese ancestry. My grandfather is English and my grandmother is Chinese.

9. Mike

Mike is a famous Thai male star. With the Thai version of "Romantic Full House", he has attracted the attention of Asian fans. His song works are also very classic. Today, many film and television works in China also have good results.

10. Aom

Aom is a well-known Thai actress. He first got the attention of the public with the movie "Like Love". Many subsequent movies and TV series have also been well received, and have a good evaluation in the field of hosting.