Valérie Karsenti at the end of anguish in the "brutal and refined" "La Fugue"

Valérie Karsenti at the end of anguish in the "brutal and refined" "La Fugue"

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In "La Fugue" broadcast this Wednesday evening on France 2, Valérie Karsenti plays the mother of a teenager who disappears

Valérie Karsenti in the TV movie La Fugue. - Hassen BRAHITI / FTV
  • This Wednesday, France 2 is planning a continuous evening on the theme "Fugue teenagers: the parents' nightmare". The TV movie La Fugue will be broadcast at 9:05 p.m. before a debate on the stage at 10:40 p.m.
  • In La Fugue, Valérie Karsenti plays a mother whose teenage daughter disappears overnight.
  • On average, some 150 minors flee every day in France. “The numbers are unimaginable!” Valérie Karsenti warns. There are a lot of taboos about the suffering of children and adolescents in France. Nobody talks about it. "

In La Fugue, Jeanne is confronted with the disappearance of her teenage daughter. Xavier Durringer's TV movie broadcast this Wednesday at 9:05 p.m. on France 2 tells the frantic and anguished quest of this mother ready to move heaven and earth to find her child.

"It's a pretty brutal scenario, very refined", slips 20 Minutes Valérie Karsenti who embodies this heroine and carries this fiction on her shoulders. In the city, the actress is the mother of two teenagers, but it is out of the question for her to say whether this role had a particular resonance on this private part of her life. "It's modesty but I don't find that interesting either," she sweeps away.

“The numbers are unimaginable! "

To compose her character, she did not try to come into contact with the parents of young runaways. “I didn't want to be inundated with information that I wasn't supposed to have,” she says. So she put herself in Jeanne's shoes by discovering all along: "the powerlessness of the minors' brigade, the hallucinatory number of disappearances of minors every day" ... In the note of intent, the statistics of 68,000 runaway teenagers identified in 2016 is advanced.

“The numbers are unimaginable! », Continues Valérie Karsenti. "I am the godmother of the Blue Child, an association that deals with abused adolescence," she continues. I realize that there are a lot of taboos about the suffering of children and adolescents in France. Whether it is abuse, running away, suicide ... Nobody talks about it. It's too bad. I am overwhelmed by this. They are left to fend for themselves in great solitude. "

"A largely autobiographical scenario"

The teenager who disappears in La Fugue is neither mistreated nor suicidal. “She is under enormous pressure, especially because of social networks. It is the world that she is building that collapses, summarizes Valérie Karsenti. Her parents are average people, they are neither perfect nor shit, but they do not see anything coming and do not perceive the grief, the pain, the isolation of their daughter. "

The screenplay is co-signed by Mikael Ollivier and Olga Vincent. "I say it because she authorized me, it is a scenario with a large autobiographical part, affirms the actress. Olga did not need to collect a lot of testimonies from her parents because she lived it. She surrounded herself with the advice of psychiatrist Xavier Pommereau, whose life is devoted to this period so wonderful and special but also fragile. "

At 10:40 pm, in the wake of the broadcast of this fiction, Valérie Karsenti and Xavier Pommereau will be on the set of the debate moderated by Julian Bugier. The theme of this evening continues: "Fugue teenagers: the parents' struggle". The opportunity to openly evoke a subject that bruises thousands of families every year.