Top 5 most popular anime goddesses list, look around the front row

Top 5 most popular anime goddesses list, look around the front row

Violet Field inEntertainmentApr 28, 2020 3 min read19 views

Speaking of the characters of the male goddess and goddess level in the anime, three days and three nights can't be finished.

Everyone has their own favorite anime god-level character in the heart, or blood, or inspirational, or soft or cute sister ... What kind of god-level character do you have in mind? 

1. No help for two weeks

From the work: The Prince of Tennis

  The character in the classic Prince of Tennis, a relatively low-key male god among the Prince of Tennis, possesses superb ball skills and super high face value, plus a stable personality and is very gentle to people who are familiar with him. Throne first.

2. Ghost Kid

From the work: Magic Fast

  He has shown his face in Detective Conan and played the leading role in the magic fast. He has a high face value and is proficient in all kinds of magic. Every time he plays and exits, he is extremely gorgeous and very wise.

3. Conan

From the work: Detective Conan

  The magical boy who was joked by netizens about where to go for a life case will always be in the first grade of elementary school. With super high logical thinking ability and clue inference ability, he has cracked many classic cases such as homicides in the Chamber of Secrets, reasoning male gods.

4. Natsume Guizhi

  From the work: Natsume's Friends Account

  The male protagonist in Natsume's friend's account, with a gentle and kind heart, has harvested countless girls' hearts, and the daily life with the cat teacher in the play is also very interesting. Tender people are the most precious wealth in the world.

5. Liver

  From the work: Attacking Giant

  Liver is the actor of the giants who attacked the classic anime works. The combat strength is very strong, and his character is a bit strange, but he will be treated with the gentleness of his understanding in front of familiar people.

6, Ka Miao

  From the work: Saint Seiya

  Kamiao is the male protagonist of Saint Seiya. As a golden saint, his force value belongs to a very high type in the team, and he belongs to the more classic male god figure in the top five anime goddess rankings.

7. Shaka

  From the work: Saint Seiya

  Shaka is the closest character in the classic anime work Saint Seiya, one of the male protagonists, with super fighting power, teamwork, monster play and tacit cooperation, plus the god-like face value, successfully entered the 5 major anime gods Leaderboard.

8. Killing pills

  From the work: Inuyasha

  Shi Sheng Wan is a big monster male character in Inuyasha, an early classic Japanese man, with silver hair and very soft and cute ears. He has harvested countless girls' hearts, and his face value and force value are very good.

9. Jin Muyan

  From the work: Tokyo Ghoul

  As a actor in a bloody-style anime, from a gentle and kind human to an alien, with a handsome silver hair, there is no contradictory combination of coldness and gentleness.

10. Blue dyed right

  From the work: Grim Reaper

  One of the villains in Grim Reaper, one of the few handsome villains who is very interested in calligraphy, looks good and gives a gentle feeling, but is actually a villain ...