Tina Fey helped rescue a kayaker

Tina Fey helped rescue a kayaker

Violet Field inEntertainmentDec 27, 2020 2 min read1 views

The actress had left New York to confine herself to the countryside, near the banks of the Hudson

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As the virus continues to hit New York City hard, Tina Fey saw fit to take her family to the countryside. But barely arrived, the actress was faced with a mishap that she will not soon forget. “The first morning we were there, we were outside, and we were looking at the Hudson, it was so pretty, and then we heard something,” recalled the 30 Rock star during a passage in the Tonight Show. Jimmy Fallon's

Accompanied by her husband and daughter, Tina Fey first believed in the cries of birds, before discerning a human voice calling for “help! The actress then decided to call the police, and it took her a lot.

"Toilets for rats"

“We found out a few hours later that it was a guy who had flipped his kayak over in the river and was floating, without an oar. They found him a mile and a half north of the river, ”continued Tina Fey, who unfortunately did not meet the man she somehow saved from a long drift on the river. 'Hudson.

Finally, the actress took the opportunity to give good advice to spectators. “Above all, don't kayak in the Hudson. It's not a river, it's a rat toilet! », She blurted out, visibly very recovered in the face of the pollution of the river.