The top ten anime girls in Japan

The top ten anime girls in Japan

Violet Field inEntertainmentMay 21, 2020 3 min read15 views

Two-dimensional fans are a powerful presence, and many of them have some goddesses in their hearts, so who is the second-party anime goddess in your mind? Let's take a look.

1. Mao Lilan

From the work: "Detective Conan"

In "Detective Conan", the girl the actor Kudo Shinichi (Conan) likes, after drinking the potion from the black man, changes to Conan's appearance. Xiaolan has never known that Conan is Xinyi. With Conan widely known ...

2. Gray Plains

From the work: "Detective Conan"

After the new one in the anime changed to Conan, the girls who had also been transformed had always quietly loved the new one. Every time I played with everyone and met the case, I had a high IQ and had the temperament of a royal sister.

3. Akagi Haruko

From the work: "Slam Dunk"

In the slam dunk, I like Rukawa Feng, one of the actors, and she is also liked by the cherry tree flower road, which is one of the actors. She has a good personality, good basketball, and a person full of positive energy.

4. Kagura

From the work: "Gintama"

The girl with the most appearances in the Ghost Soul of the unmanageable Japanese man drama is temporarily called the heroine. The force value is very high, the combat effectiveness is very strong, and it is not hypocritical.

5. Mikasa Ackerman

From the work "The Attacking Giant"

The attacking giant's drama is very bloody, even with some bloody and violent scenes. Ackerman has entered the top ten goddess rankings with super high force value and face value.

6. Ling Polly

From the work: "New Century Evangelion"

The heroine with the most appearances in the anime is a virtual character, which has many mysteries. It is praised by fans of the drama as the most ruthless heroine in the history of anime, and the cold beauty image is popular among the people.

7. Kushinsu

From the work: "Ghost in the Shell"

The captain of the Ghost in the Shell, one of the heroines, can win victories in a team battle with super high judgment and decisive action when fighting. Have a mystery.

8. Lax Klein

From the work: "Mobile Suit Gundam"

She has an excellent appearance and is also very strong in combat. She has commanded a force, and she is from a political family. She has an elegant temperament, rich connotations, and a strong heart.

9. Liri Ochako

From the work: "My Hero Academy"

An energetic girl who dreams of becoming a hero and earning a lot of money, has a natural personality, and naturally stays in the depths? She is kind-hearted, has an extremely tenacious character, and has amazing explosiveness in battle.

10. Than the real sail

From the work: "The Gate of Destiny Stone"

An appearance girl is actually a mature genius inside. One of the heroines has an unparalleled passion for research, and her temperament is relatively calm ...