The "Return of service" which puts an end to Le Carré's work

The "Return of service" which puts an end to Le Carré's work

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"Return of service" by John Le Carré was published in May 2020 at Seuil

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  • Today, “Return of service” by John Le Carré, an author who died in December 2020, whose last book was published in May by Editions du Seuil.

Marie “Happymanda”, the contributor to the 20 Minutes Books reading group, recommends Return of service from John Le Carré, an author who died in December 2020, whose last book was published in May by Editions du Seuil.
In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Her favorite quote:

Everything she taught us had only one goal, to enable us to assimilate ourselves to our Western enemy. “Over time, you will become like them. You will think like them. You will speak like them. You will have the same feelings as them and you will write like them. It is only in the secrecy of your heart that you will remain one of us ”.

Why this book?

  • Because if you've never read John le Carré and don't want to go over his bibliography from the start, I think this novel represents his work quite well, which mixes politics and espionage without clouding the brain.
  • Because this master of the spy novel delivers relevant analyzes. He doesn't hide his opinions, bringing them to life through his characters. The story is captivating and very rich in political facts. We perceive the man of experience who hides behind the writer.
  • Because the author's inexhaustible imagination takes us on a high-flying intrigue. And exciting, even for the uninitiated, despite a certain sadness that escapes and some lengths, because we go from surprises to surprises. Le Carré questions political choices, especially the Trump and Putin alliance. He imagines the future and makes his characters experience real cases of conscience.
  • Because this latest novel by the author has an implacable construction, opens our eyes to the future of our countries and the issues that motivate them, not always brilliant. Rich and informative, this novel questions us while entertaining us. You will revel in the dialogue that is both incisive and hilarious. Great John Le Carré to savor.

The essentials in 2 minutes

The plot. In the heart of England in the midst of Brexit, dividing opinions, ex-agent Nat now heads the Refuge. Passionate about badminton, he meets Ed, who like Florence, has strong political opinions. They will find themselves having to choose between a moral sense and a sense of duty.

Characters. Nat our hero, Prue his wife, Florence new recruit, Ed the badminton player with strong ideas, Steph the daughter of Nat and Prue.

Places. England.

The time. Nowadays.

The author. David John Moore Cornwell aka John le Carré, a British novelist born October 19, 1931, and died December 12, 2020, has become the undisputed master of the British spy novel. Ten of his novels have been adapted for cinema and two others for TV series. Before Return of Service, the 20 Minute Books platform also reviewed its previous one, The Legacy of Spies.

This book was read with a new perspective on contemporary geopolitics.

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