The movie "Dune" is not coming out this year, but the books are there

The movie "Dune" is not coming out this year, but the books are there

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Denis Villeneuve's film is not (yet) in French theaters, but the books, essays, and other books are in bookstores

If Denis Villeneuve's film does not come out in 2020, the books dedicated to Frank Herbert's classic are there, works of passionate authors - L'Atalante / Third Editions / Le Belial '
  • The film Dune signed Denis Villeneuve and adapted from Frank Herbert's masterpiece, was due to land in theaters on Wednesday but was postponed for a year because of the pandemic
  • Several French authors and publishers had planned books, essays, and another mook to accompany this news, and have maintained their releases
  • These authors and enthusiasts come back to the phenomenon and their approach to Dune for 20 Minutes

Originally scheduled for theaters on Wednesday, Dune saw Denis Villeneuve's release postponed for a year, to September 29, 2021, due to the health crisis and the closure of cinemas. It will also be released simultaneously on HBO Max in the United States. A blow for fans of the work of Frank Herbert, who, after the film by David Lynch and the mini-series of the Syfy channel, we're impatiently awaiting this adaptation (definitive?) By the director of First Contact and Blade Runner 2049. It was also a blow for the authors (but few or no authors, too bad) who took advantage of the film to publish various works on the universe of Dune. They are not postponed and deserve your full attention, even a place under the tree.

Complete collection, it seems to me.

- Orion's shoulder (@Epaule_d_Orion) November 20, 2020

"Dune", the revised and corrected edition

Let's start at the beginning and therefore the novel by Frank Herbert himself, the first volume of the Cycle de Dune, to which Robert Laffont offers a beautiful collector's edition, and a revised and corrected translation in collaboration with Renaud Guillemin, "the specialist of specialists" according to the editor Glenn Tavennec, in fact, a CNRS researcher and the creator of a reference blog on Dune, L'Epaule d'Orion. "He sent back all the corrections from readers, fans, duniens" explains Glenn Tavennec. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary and of the film, we wanted a real revision, but not a new translation, because certain terms entered the French imagination.»Also with prefaces by Denis Villeneuve and Pierre Bordage.

Volume 2 of this collector's edition is expected for fall 2021, but a simple version of the six volumes of the original cycle will be available from January, in large format, softcover, and new iconography by Aurélien Police - we also owe him the illustration of the mook. “It is about going beyond the revamped and revamped designs and making Dune not only a monument of science fiction but also a legendary saga for all."

"Dune, the scientific and cultural exploration of a planet-universe"

Ah the edition of Pocket SF, with the cover of Wojtek Siudmak. Read, reread, dogged, lent, it still sits in the libraries of France, where more than two million copies of Frank Herbert's work have passed. “It must have been in the mid-1980s, remembers Roland Lehoucq, director of collective work on Dune at Le Belial '.I read a lot of SF on the suburban train that brought me to Paris, in a preparatory class for the grandes écoles. It was an escape, a change of the world. More than fifty after its release, the novel is still relevant, especially on ecological issues. Pardot Kynes' quote "the highest function of ecology is understanding the consequences" should be pondered at length by our leaders."

“Dune - scientific and cultural exploration of a planet-universe” comes out in stack 7 days. To be patient, we invite you to get to know the authors. In this 2nd part of the interview: how did they find out about Herbert's novel?

- Le Bélial '(@lebelial) October 15, 2020

Ecology, but also biology, chemistry, astronomy, as well as "a critical vision of technical progress, a reflection on decolonization or the links between politics and theology", Roland Lehoucq brought together ten specialists, scientists, philosophers, linguists to explore Dune through the prism of science, and to shed light on how Herbert had "incredibly anticipated our news".

"The Visions of Dune, in the hollows and furrows of Arrakis"

Like many, journalist and author Vivien Lejeune's earliest memories of Dune date back to his teenage years: “I read Herbert-Père's first three novels, but they didn't thrill me more than that. I was in the middle of a Philip K. Dick, Stephen King, and Graham Masterton trip ”. If he admits that he was only half taken in by David Lynch's film, he loves the mini-series of 2000 and 2003, “of deluxe TV, with the music of Graeme Revell which makes all the difference. I then started to understand Dune differently ”.

The film is offbeat, but we don't move!

Our book "The visions of Dune. In the hollow and furrows of Arrakis" will be available everywhere from November 19th.

Animation by @ImaginedRealms and illustration by @pascalblanche for the classic cover of our book.

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When, after having co-signed The Guide to Science Fiction Series at Ynnis, Third Editions offered him a book on Dune, he accepted the challenge, and what he himself called commissioned work. "There are already so many books or essays on the cultures, religions, politics, and sciences of Dune," he explains. But nothing on all of the Dune projects, a sort of big making-of which would present not only the entire literary saga but also the films, series, games, and music ... from the birth of Frank Herbert until 'to Denis Villeneuve's film. »Combining biographies, summaries, anecdotes or analyzes, Les Visions de Dune is aimed less at the die-hard Dunien than at the curious cinephile, the SF aficionado, who wishes to know the Dune phenomenon without having the time, or the desire to read and see everything.

"Dune, a masterpiece of science fiction"

Already the author of books on Star Wars and Game of Thrones, Nicolas Allard dreamed of writing for several years on Dune, one of his favorite novels, "a story of incredible richness, with several levels of reading, as well. a great adventure novel than a great political, ecological and feminist novel ”. His essay Dune, a masterpiece of science fiction (Dunod) offers a very accessible and always felt decryption of the major themes of the novel, as well as a comparative study with the saga of George Lucas. A lineage assumed by Denis Villeneuve for his adaptation, as the book recalls and reports: “My ambition is to make the Star Wars film that I have never seen. In a way, it's a Star Wars for adults."

" #Dune , a masterpiece of science fiction" ( @DUNOD ) is illustrated with several Indian inks, made by @BriereMoan . An overview of the themes and visual of the book? Here is his trailer! @Hachette_France @DuneSF @DuneInfo @DunePodcast @DuneNews

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"Dune, the Mook"

This is the big piece of this bibliography on Dune, a project that has animated the fandom for several months, a magazine-book born under the impetus of journalist Lloyd Chery and funded through crowdfunding, in collaboration with the publishers L'Atalante and Leha.“I wouldn't call myself a hardcore fan,” admits Lloyd Chery, “but I'm fascinated by what this work gives off. Launching this mook in the author's centenary year, and bringing together some sixty people including Alejandro Jodorowsky, Denis Villeneuve, and Robin Hobb, it's a victory that is both personal and professional, a dream that comes true."

So it does exist, it is not a myth! And he's even really hot. Finally, the #MookDune has arrived at my place!

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All the “actors” of Dune thus intersect on more than 250 pages, 80 articles, and a rich iconography, with for example Roland Lehoucq and Nicolas Allard, but also the youtube François Theurel, alias the Gravedigger of films, or the writer Pierre Bordage for an inaugural and a priori incongruous “Why read Dune today?".Because once the first page of the book has been turned, with your foot on this planet, you can't get back.