The mask, a fashion accessory? Readers of "20 Minutes" are mixed

The mask, a fashion accessory? Readers of "20 Minutes" are mixed

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In paper or fabric, the mask has become a staple of 2020

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  • In paper or fabric, the mask has become the essential accessory of 2020.
  • But is it part of our locker rooms now, like a bag or a hat?
  • "20 Minutes" polled its readers on their relationship to the mask.

It scratches, irritates, suffocates, keeps you warm, lacerates the ears, misting the glasses ... Even after several months of intensive use, and even if we know that it is necessary, it is still as difficult to get used to the port of the mask. And yet, this year of the coronavirus has become a staple of our daily lives. From there to consider it as an accessory in its own right in our dressing room?

Paper or fabric team, matching the outfit or not, 20 Minutes surveyed its readers to understand their relationship to the mask after several months of use. Verdict?A lot of fed up and a little indignation (against the “muzzle”), and a few die-hard optimists who have decided to combine the useful with the pleasant.

"I find it hard to see the mask as a fashion accessory"

For Martine, 68, the mask is a big no. "I am against masks, as I have anemia it prevents me from breathing, I still wear them but not for fashion," she explains. "No expense for this damn mask, those of my company are enough for me and I put them several times a day (under the nose)", writes Bleuciel57, in the comment of the call on our site. "Surgical mask and that's it (...) I have many other clothes and others to buy than masks to look prettier than the neighbor or the colleague, and above all, I can't wait to no longer wear it", adds his Realistic side Sometimes. The same resignation for Eric, on Facebook: “Wearing them has become a habit, but like many, I only aspire to one thing, which is that one day we can get rid of them or only wear them when the 'we are sick and can breathe fresh air again. "

There are also the wearers of more measured masks, those who put up with it anyway. “I have been using fabric masks for a few months: I find disposable masks particularly unsightly. Without going so far as to consider the mask a fashion accessory, I want it to match my outfit. I bought five. And it's more ecological! », Explains Hélène, 27 years old. A point of view shared by the thirty-something Anne. “Yet I'm not a pessimist, but I find it hard to see the mask as a fashion accessory but rather as something that we endure! In addition, you need to have two masks to match your outfit per day to be trendy and protected! Some logistics are required! “, She rightly notes.

"Very becoming" and "magnificent" masks

And then there are those who have decided to find their account there and to see the mask in a positive way. This is the case of Anne-Marie, a young septuagenarian, who describes the fabric mask as "very becoming". “Well married with the outfit, they can become a real fashion accessory,” she believes. An opinion shared by Laurence, 62, who makes them herself. The members of his family have about fifteen each. “It is indeed a fashion accessory. But they could be used much more as a means of communication, for Pink October [for the fight against breast cancer], or with the red ribbon, a symbol of the fight against AIDS, ”she writes.

Among the optimists, many are the readers who made their masks themselves, and sometimes in astronomical quantities! On Facebook, Aline, a fan of fabric masks, has around 40 of them and can match them to her outfits. She even made silver ones for Christmas. Just like the surfer Marie-Pascale who opted for a shiny mask for the holidays, to "put a little magic". Glitter, wax, gingham… Since March Paule-Jeanne, 58, has been collecting them. “During the first confinement I sewed more than 150 for my neighbors and the non-medical staff at the hospital,” she explains. Just like Charlene of Monaco, she would now like to have sequins, which she finds "magnificent".

Finally, for Eva, a 36-year-old mother, the adventure of making masks began mainly because she "could not find what she was looking for in the store", for the shape and the patterns. “With a baby who was not two years old when it all started, and who wondered what was going on, I opted for home-made production with funny childish fabrics which amused my daughter: rabbits, foxes, little bears. I made it for the nursery staff for the same reasons, so that the children would not be too afraid of it. And it stayed, ”she explains. She has since made them for herself, her relatives and colleagues, and has adapted them in particular to the season, in the spirit of Christmas. Think about it, will the masks be at the foot of the tree this year?