"The lights of dawn" allow us to see more clearly

"The lights of dawn" allow us to see more clearly

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"The Lights of Dawn" by Jax Miller was released in October 2020 by Plon

The Lights of Dawn - Plon
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  • Today, "The lights of the dawn" by Jax Miller, published on October 8, 2020, by Éditions Plon.

Cassiopée, the contributor to the 20 Minutes Books reading group, recommends The Lights of Dawn by Jax Miller, published on October 8, 2020, by Éditions Plon.

Her favorite quote:

"Oklahoma transforms me forever, and more often than I want to admit, I keep talking to Lauria and Ashley, seeking reassurance from the ghosts, with their silent wish that they are found." "

Why this book?

  • Because the story is abundant, terrifying, edifying. The author says that what she discovered gave her no respite. What we read will do the same, leaving an indelible mark in our memory. Built-in five parts, it is complete, captivating, interesting. The author presents the facts to us, then she dissects all the information she was able to obtain, she talks about those she has met and questioned. At the same time, she describes the way of life there, the links between each other, the special atmosphere of this region.
  • Because Jax Miller quickly realizes that an omerta surrounds this affair, we do not want to give him access to the documents, or they have been lost, forgotten, badly stored,… all the excuses are good. She seeks, again and again, despite the fear, despite the threats, despite those who try to discourage her, to send her back to her home, to silence her. We feel that this story took her to the guts, lived there, and still lives there. “And when I feel like giving up everything, I remember that there are two families that don't have that option. His tenacity is admirable.
  • Because the author has done a colossal job. Its text is rich and fascinating, it stunned me. She got to know the two friends, their family, their boyfriends by listening to many testimonials that she passed on to us. She exposed the lies, not necessarily trying to trap those who told anything but using these deceptions to better understand the facts. The families of the victims were forced to hire detectives, to do the research themselves, is this normal? Why this silence on the part of the authorities?

The essentials in 2 minutes

The plot. In 1999, two young girls (Lauria and Ashley) went missing after Ashley's family mobile home burned down. They have never been found. The author carried out on-site investigations years later.

Characters. The missing young people, their families, the investigators, the people whom the author meets.

Places. Welch, in Craig County (Oklahoma) a remote corner, forgotten by the public authorities, where poverty and drugs are present.

The time. For the initial facts: 1999 and a little after and before, then 2016 to 2019 for the author's investigation.

The author. Jax Miller, the real name Anne O'Donnel, was born in New York, and now lives in Meath, Ireland. She married the easy-going John, a farmer gentle as a lamb, and lives in County Meath, surrounded by goats and sheep. An ideal haven for this blue flower with sharp thorns.

This book was read with great interest in this complex criminal case because the investigation was not done properly. The author's will has allowed revelations. I was sorry for the families who hope more than twenty years later, I would like them to find peace ...

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