The “Angels” involved in the altercation in Reunion Island excluded from the shoot

The “Angels” involved in the altercation in Reunion Island excluded from the shoot

Violet Field inEntertainmentJan 11, 2021 3 min read2 views

While filming for the next season has not yet started, the production has excluded the candidates who took part in a violent altercation: Ricardo, Nehuda and Pauline

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La Grosse Equipe, which produces Les Vacances des Anges, announces that the filming of the reality show, intended for NRJ 12, will begin without the candidates involved in a violent altercation that occurred on Sunday at Créolia, a hotel in Saint-Denis, on the island of Reunion.

The facts unfolded in the dining room of this four-star establishment. Several families, including that of Joé Bedier, mayor of Saint-André (a town in the east of the island), were seated for lunch when a person in the program went from table to table, telling customers to order do not take photos and videos. The tone quickly rose between the families and some candidates.

“My wife ended up on the ground with big guys on top of her. Me, I took hits, I thought I was not going to get out of it, ”said Joé Bedier. The aggressive "Angels" were calmed down by witnesses.

The acts of violence committed on the sidelines of the @LesAngesTV shoot are inadmissible! I strongly condemn the assault on the mayor of Saint-André, Joe Bedier, and his family. An investigation was opened for willful violence in assembly by the prosecutor of Saint-Denis.

- Sébastien Lecornu (@SebLecornu) January 10, 2021

Three candidates for the show were arrested, a police source told AFP. "An investigation has been opened for willful violence in a meeting by the Saint-Denis prosecutor," said the Minister of Overseas, Sébastien Lecornu. The latter had also asked the production company, via Twitter, "to draw all the consequences of this scandalous behavior of members of the filming team".

The production "does not compromise with violence"

Joined by 20 Minutes, the production confirmed that the three excluded candidates are Ricardo Pinto, his ex-partner Nehuda and Pauline (previously appeared in Love Island ).

"La Grosse Equipe learned, with amazement, of an incident that occurred on the candidates' personal time, outside the shooting conditions of a new edition of the program Les Vacances des Anges on Reunion Island", the production company said in a statement to media on Sunday night.
In addition to this, you need to know more about it.
And to add: "Because it does not compromise with violence that nothing can justify, the production announces to have taken the radical decision to bring back, as soon as justice allows it, the candidates concerned in metropolitan France. (…) Despite its attachment to the presumption of innocence, this event led us to immediately exclude the candidates concerned from the shooting of the program even before the start of the shooting. "