"Sam" waltz between paternity on screen and management of Covid-19 behind the scenes

"Sam" waltz between paternity on screen and management of Covid-19 behind the scenes

Violet Field inEntertainmentJan 4, 2021 4 min read11 views

The fifth season of "Sam", broadcast from this Monday, January 4 on TF1, sounds like the end of a cycle for the series

François Berléand and Natacha Lindinger in “Sam” - © GILLES GUSTINE / TF1
  • From Monday, January 4, TF1 broadcasts the eight unpublished episodes of the fifth season of Sam.
  • Last July, 20 Minutes went to the set of the series in Aubervilliers, north of Paris.
  • When the cameras were off, we met Natacha Lindinger, Kévin Dias, François Berléand and producer Aline Besson.

When 20 Minutes went to the set of Sam's fifth season, the world had already changed. The elbow checks had replaced the hugs, the signposted courses flooded the studio floors, and you could only see the smile of the actors and actresses, and no one else. It was last July, at a time when there was not yet talk of a second wave and when the theaters had again opened their doors. Like all the other productions, that of the TF1 series was therefore also adapted to the new health measures.

On the backstage side, for example, she hired a full-time nurse and a “ Covid-19 referent”. On the screen side, the classes of the craziest teacher on the small screen will not be overloaded since the number of students has been reduced. "There are a little less than twenty in the classes to respect the number of people on the set," explains producer Aline Besson. But the directors manage to give the impression of having a full class. "

If the illusion is easy to fake in a classroom, we had to be a little more creative for the more intimate scenes. Kisses on the neck then replaced shovel rolling, and cunnilingus and blowjobs are preferred because they are easier to fake. “The problem is that when you're under the sheets, it's still much more practical in terms of modesty. There, Sam undresses and dresses a lot, I would have done without, says Natacha Lindinger, the star of the series. There is an age where you have to stop, ”she adds with a burst of laughter.

Fatherhood as a central theme

As the coronavirus has turned preparations for this season upside down, production has chosen not to mention it on screen. Over the course of the eight episodes, it is rather a fatherhood that will be at the center of the intrigues. In Sam's case, this will result in the arrival of her father, played by François Berléand, whom she has never known. "He only participated in the development of the child but no more", launches the actor, laughing. The two characters will therefore get to know each other and affinities could even be created, not without lifting the veil on some secrets.

Kévin Dias, who plays the role of Alex, Sam's eldest son, will also be faced with a difficult situation. While his couple is in the process of imploding, he arrives at his mother's house with his son under his arm. The challenge for him? “Not to reproduce his family pattern, since he lived without a father. Finally, Fred Testot, alias Xavier, will play the third dad of this season with the imminent arrival of his child. For “this character who has always dreamed of having children”, according to the producer, the new episodes will allow us to witness “the wonder that a birth constitutes. "

The end of a cycle

Even if the fifth season is not yet on the air, the teams are already thinking about what to do next. Before the officialization of season 6, one thing is certain: the next episodes should resemble a small tsunami in the universe of the series. “We come to a time when she has made the tour of everything she had to settle, comments Natacha Lindinger about the heroine. I think we could go around in circles if we kept absolutely in this. If it is to continue, it has to reinvent itself. "

A sentiment also shared by the producer Aline Besson, whose desire to transform fiction in depth was made with the health crisis. “The current period has made us think a lot about the world in which we want to live. In season 6, there will be a lot of changes, ”she says. If it is hard to imagine Sam becoming a survivalist, the series will take a look at how we want to live and raise our children today.