Plaza tells us about his good and worst memories of “Looking for an apartment…”

Plaza tells us about his good and worst memories of “Looking for an apartment…”

Violet Field inEntertainmentJan 20, 2021 4 min read1 views

While M6 will broadcast Wednesday the hundredth of "House or apartment search", Stéphane Plaza delivers to "20 Minutes" his most striking anecdotes on the show

Real estate agent and host of M6 Stéphane Plaza. - Lou BRETON / M6
  • The program Recherche Appartement ou Maison was launched in February 2006 on M6.
  • The hundredth issue will air on Wednesday at 9:05 p.m.
  • Stéphane Plaza, who has embodied the program for fifteen years, tells 20 Minutes his funniest or annoying moments lived on the set.

Fifteen years of distribution, 1,200 homes visited and purchase offers in shambles. Not to mention the number of zeros involved in transactions between buyers and sellers ... If we do the math, it is because Recherche's Appartement ou Maison reaches a round number: its hundredth issue will be broadcast Wednesday at 9:05 pm on M6. Rather than subjecting Stéphane Plaza to a mental arithmetic exercise, we suggested that he go back to his memories of the real estate show he has been playing since February 2006. Here are the ones he sent us.

  • The first memory of the first filming of “Recherche Appartement…”

“I was stressed because it is not enough to do a good job as a real estate agent, you also have to understand the cameras, the director's expectations, manage clients in the context of a show when I did not know the real estate at all. world of TV. The director, who was also starting out, did not yet know that he had recovered the worst black cats. We hadn't started for ten minutes when he broke his car window. "

  • The most moving moment

“On the hundredth day when all the regional officers arrived with the cake, I was overcome with emotion and contained my tear. Who would have thought that the show would be so successful and last so long? I have become a supporting wall at M6 now ( laughs ). But all the shows are very emotional. My job is above all a human job: we support people in important life changes. All families touch me because I always invest 100% in my research. Afterward, if I take stock of these hundred numbers and my fifteen years at M6, I necessarily think of Karine Le Marchand. Indirectly, thanks to this show, I met my best friend. "

  • The most stressful moment

“It's always stressful. We must always have goods in reserve because the owners can change their mind at the last moment, it is our daily life. But the most unpleasant thing for me is sometimes having to give bad news. I remember Marion, who made a near-price offer, and who didn't get the apartment of her dreams because she couldn't pay cash. She burst into tears and, of course, it hurt me a lot for her. "

  • The biggest laugh

"Impossible to choose one, I have a dime. We laugh in every show. In the hundredth we laugh a lot with the Carat sisters [the actress Fabienne Carat and her sister call on Stéphane Plaza to find them a house], you will see him in the blooper. It doesn't take much: one sneeze at the wrong time and go! Everything is a pretext to laugh, especially when there is pressure. I remember a memorable fall at Laurence's house on a rickety staircase: I landed on the camera. As an anecdote, it was Mathieu Kassovitz's former apartment. "

  • The biggest blow of anger

“I never get mad at clients. On the other hand, my close collaborators who prepare the programs with me, Julie, Romain, and Antoine, have lived through complicated times. They are the ones who can see me sometimes sulky or not satisfied. I can call at midnight the day before a shoot and change my mind about what goods to show, just on a whim or because of a dream. It is then necessary to change all the planning of the day a few hours before the start of the shooting. They've made their hair white, poor people, but my hunches are correct. The proof: we are more than 80% successful. "