Philippine wants to "do the show in" Eurovision France ""

Philippine wants to "do the show in" Eurovision France ""

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Philippine wants to "do the show in" Eurovision France ""

Philippine singer. - Visuddhi Ung
  • Eight solo artists, three duets, and a trio are in the running for Eurovision France, it's up to you! , the French selection for Eurovision which will be broadcast on January 30 on France 2.
  • Filipina, 22, is in contention with the song Bah non.
  • "I would like people to listen to my song and say to themselves: 'She's right, I'm going to say no too in a situation that weakens me," "says the singer at 20 Minutes.

This year, twelve songs can hope to represent France at Eurovision Song Contest in May. But there will only be one elected. They will be decided on the evening of January 30, on France 2, within the framework of Eurovision France, you decide! presented by Stéphane Bern and Laurence Boccolini.

Until then, 20 Minutes invites you to discover every day the artists who, solo, in a duo, or in the trio, are involved in the competition. This Thursday, place in Philippine, 22 years old, known in particular for Always, her duet with Gavin James, and her single C'est beau, c'est toi. “When I released this song, a lot of Eurovision songwriting blogs identified me as a potential candidate for France. I trust them ”, laughs the one who launches into the arena with Bah non.

What is your musical background?

I started playing the piano at 4 and singing lessons at 8. I was part of the Maîtrise de la Loire, from 12 to 16 years old, it was a choir, very classical, I did baroque, I also learned the harpsichord. Besides that, I did a lot of gymnastics, eight hours a week from sixth to third. I did my "first scenes" at the Théâtre des Pénitents [in Montbrison, Loire] by taking over Radiohead and Lana Del Rey, and that's when I knew I wanted to do this all my life. Since I was 12, I have never stopped composing songs. After the baccalaureate, I enrolled at the Music Academy International (MAI) where I stayed for a year. I created a group there, Eÿo… I did The Voice in 2017. Nobody looked back but that didn't prevent me from winning the NRJ Talent 2018 competition, sponsored by Slimane. From that moment I started to meet lots of people in the musical field, I settled in Paris. Slimane wrote me the song C'est beau, c'est Vous, which talks about my mom's bipolarity. I knew he was going to find the right words. I signed in the wake of Play Two, my label. My duet with Gavin James was a platinum single and we were nominated for the NRJ Music Awards. It is one of my greatest pride. I followed this up with a tour with Gavin James, the release of the single Anything, and there, Eurovision France with Bah non

In what way does "Bah non" have advantages for Eurovision?

I wrote this title this summer. I was sad about a love affair. I listened a lot to Sorry Not Sorry by Demi Lovato and other songs where the artist trusts him or her. In France, there are not many pieces on which the interpreter arrives and sings "Hello, it's me, I want to do that, I impose myself". Well no, that's it, it's an “auto boost”, I want people, listening to this song, to feel confident, invincible, strong, courageous. That's why I think it's great for Eurovision, especially right now with what's going on. People ask themselves a lot of questions, are locked in their homes, perhaps questioning themselves for unnecessary things. I would like them to listen to my song and say to themselves: "She's right, I'm going to say no too in a situation that weakens me".

What will your performance in "Eurovision France" look like?

There I just did two days of intense dancing [the interview took place on January 13]. I have aches, I train non-stop. There will be choreography. My goal is to do the show. There will be a dancer, but I don't want to say too much.

If I say “Eurovision”, which artist spontaneously comes to mind?

I think of Mahmood, who represented Italy in 2019. I discovered his album and I love it. I also really like Portuguese… ( she looks for the name, we whisper that of Salvador Sobral, winner of the competition in 2017 ) Yes, that's it! Him, I adored him. I'm ashamed of not knowing his first name. When I came across his performance, his way of playing his song touched me. I cried so much it touched me. I also really liked Toy by Israeli Netta [2018 winner], the singer's self-confidence, her style, her way of singing. I think it's important to have things that are a bit offbeat.

And apart from the French selection for Eurovision, what are your projects?

My album will be released this year, I don't know when yet. There will be lots of surprises, lots of ballads. I look forward.