Madonna and Arnold Schwarzenegger are in Celebs

Madonna and Arnold Schwarzenegger are in Celebs

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Singer Madonna and her daughters Estere and Stella - Face to Face / VISUAL Press Agency

December 23, 2020

Arnold Schwarzenegger didn't think his daughter would marry an actor

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a happy father and stepfather, but he never thought his daughter would marry an actor! “I never, oh never, thought that my daughter would marry an actor. I thought she was fed up with me taking her on sets, seeing me blow things up and kill people, ”he revealed during a surprise appearance during a Zoom conference celebrating Un Cop in kindergarten.

But ultimately, Katherine Schwarzenegger is happy with her husband, Chris Pratt, whose job it is to… go to movie sets, blow things up, and kill people!

Madonna pays tribute to Jean-Michel Basquiat

Jennifer Aniston reminds us that we must not forget to love ourselves

The coronavirus pandemic has been extremely hard on many, especially from a mental health perspective. This is why Jennifer Aniston wanted to remind her fans that it was important to love and think about yourself, by posting an archive photo of her… kissing her reflection in a mirror.

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" What year. A little reminder to tell you that you have to love yourself. Hold on tight ! », She wrote in the caption.