Lori Loughlin is released from prison

Lori Loughlin is released from prison

Violet Field inEntertainmentDec 29, 2020 2 min read1 views

Incarcerated since October 30, the American actress was sentenced to two months of detention

Actress Lori Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli, out of court in Boston on April 3, 2019. - Steven Senne / AP / SIPA

After spending Christmas behind bars, Lori Loughlin will be able to freely celebrate December 31st. The American actress, sentenced to two months in prison for having cheated and paid to guarantee the entry of her daughters to a prestigious university, was released Monday morning after serving her sentence in California, according to the prison administration.

Felicity Huffman also convicted

The actress, 56, made famous by her role as "Aunt Becky" in the series Full House, was presented on 30 October in the federal women's prison in Dublin, near San Francisco. It is the same establishment as the one that hosted at the end of 2019 her colleague Felicity Huffman ( Desperate Housewives ), sentenced to two weeks in prison following the same scandal.

Lori Loughlin, whose career was brought to a halt by this affair, assured that she had learned the lessons of the "awful decision" which led her, with her husband, to pay $ 500,000 to an intermediary to guarantee the admission of their two daughters at the University of Southern California (USC). They had agreed with the mastermind of the operation, William Singer, that their daughters would be presented as good recruits for the college rowing team, although they did not play the sport.

Two years of supervised release

In addition to her prison sentence, the actress will have to pay a fine of 150,000 dollars and submit to two years of supervised release and 100 hours of community service. Lori Loughlin's husband, stylist Mossimo Giannulli, considered "the most active" in this cheating by investigators, was sentenced to 5 months in prison and a $ 250,000 fine. He was incarcerated on November 19 at the Lompoc men's prison, near Santa Barbara, California. The date of his release is set for April 17, 2021, according to the prison services.