Le triomphe de Jul, the series "Validated", the rap events of the year 2020

Le triomphe de Jul, the series "Validated", the rap events of the year 2020

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Despite the coronavirus, the French rap world has been very prolific this year

The "Validated" series on Canal + marked the start of 2020. - Canal +
  • Despite the coronavirus, the French rap world has been very prolific this year.
  • Jul, Lous and the Yakuza, Hatik, Laylow… Many hip-hop artists have marked 2020.

If there is perhaps one area that the coronavirus did not screw up in 2020, it is rap. So certainly a myriad of concerts have been canceled, and many projects have been postponed, but this year again the artists have been prolific and inventive. New voices have emerged, others have been confirmed, and careers have exploded. francophone

These last twelve months rap has been heard but has also been seen, in fiction on TV, but also in documentaries on different platforms. Before opening a new chapter in 2021, 20 Minutes invites you to return to the events that have marked rap in France this year.

Jul's year of madness

The year of the coronation for the Marseillais? Known for his productivity, Jul has not failed in his reputation in 2020. In the space of a few months, the rapper gave us La Machine and Loin du monde, two well-rounded albums (30 tracks for the first, 18 for the second), with various styles and notable feats: Bigflo and Oli, SCH, Naps, and Wejdene to name a few. Without forgetting of course the album 13'Organisé which brought together the crème de la crème of Marseille rap and whose clip BandeOrganisé was one of the most viewed videos this year (more than 219 million views to date on Youtube).Small downside? The absence of women on this project, but let's hope Jul takes note of the future.

The Lous and the Yakuza Revelation

And yet women are now very present on the French rap scene. Starting with Lous and the Yakuza, a real revelation of the year with the release of his album Gore. A marriage of hip-hop and pop, his nuanced music brightened up the fall. Other women also gave voice and imposed their place this year: the melancholy Meryl and her dreams of caviar, the "trap queen" Le Juice, or the promising Doria.

"Validated", the first rap series "made in France"

Like it or not, Validé by Franck Gastambide created the event at the start of the year. First French series on rap, it quickly met its audience on Canal +, accumulating more than 20 million views when it was released. A second season is already in production. A series on rap, and with rap, since many famous rappers have appeared there, such as Kool Shen, Soprano, Lacrim, or Gringe.She also shed light on little-known artists like Hatik, aka Apash, one of the main roles in the series, and Bosh, who played the role of Karnage.A springboard for the two rappers who also created the event afterward.

Summer hits (but without a club)

The sounds of Bosh and Hatik have largely gone beyond the boundaries of the series since both have signed hits for the summer of 2020. The first with the heady Djomb, real cardboard that has integrated the top 100 World of Spotify, the second with Angela (a cover/tribute to the success of Saïan Supa Crew), a title that has also accumulated streams.Two tubes that would have had their place in clubs in France, without the coronavirus.

The docs at the top

This year French rap has expressed itself in fiction, but also in the form of documentaries. Several films have emerged in the space of a few months, inviting rap listeners to discover the artists from a more intimate angle. Gims and Bigflo and Oli thus had the right to their respective films on Netflix this summer, Medina and RK as for them saw their landing on France. tv Slash in the fall. Another great success of the year, the capture of a PNL Bercy in 2017 posted online in July on Netflix. Rap can be listened to and watched, if not played live.

Laylow's "Trinity" Album of the Year?

Rap fans have been saying it for months: Toulouse-based Laylow signed the album of the year. Released at the end of February, a few days before the first containment and the planet's tipping point in the era of Covid-19, Trinity is a concept album light years away from mainstream rap. Laylow plunges us into a dark, melancholy, and electronic universe, on the edge of the modern world. “A total cinematographic work. An audio film to definitively explore his anxieties and his sorrows ”, estimates for its part the reference site Abcdrduson.Pile in the spirit of 2020.

A box for Maes

In another register, it is a box of sales that made Maes. Released on January 17, his second album The Last Salopards is the biggest rap success of 2020. As reported by Snep (National Union of Phonographic Publishing), in November, from the top of its 250,000 sales, it ranked ahead of MILS 3 (225,000 sales), Ninho's mixtape released in March. A great year for the rapper from Sevran!

The long-awaited return ...

Two years that the fans were waiting for him. It was finally at the end of September that the Belgian Damso made his comeback with QALF, subtly teased for months with his fanbase. And what we can say is that his fans did not miss the appointment. In just 24 hours, the album had the best start of the year on Spotify France with more than 11.3 million streams. Since then, QALF has been certified platinum.

YouTubers take on rap

More and more of them are taking the plunge and getting into the rap game. After Mister V at the start of the year and the release of his second MVP album, it was Seb (formerly Seb la frite ), who made himself heard in music. The rapper / YouTuber posted several clips online throughout the year, videos accumulating several million views. Finally, 2020 also saw the birth of Squeezie's very first album, Oxyz, released last September. The borders of rap are therefore constantly widening.