Larry King, a key figure in American television, has died

Larry King, a key figure in American television, has died

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The famous journalist presented the program "Larry King Live" on CNN for twenty-five years.

He was one of the most influential figures in American television history, known for his rolled-up shirt sleeves, multi-colored ties, suspenders, and large glasses. The famous journalist Larry King died this Saturday, January 23 at the age of 87 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, we learned via a statement posted on Twitter.

The statement from his company, Ora Media, did not specify the cause of death. Earlier this month, Larry King was admitted to hospital after contracting Covid-19, the CNN channel on which he worked for a long time said. The host also experienced many medical problems, including several heart attacks, lung cancer, and angina, a disease caused by reduced blood flow to the heart.

"A unique talent"

“For 63 years, on radio, television and digital media, Larry's thousands of interviews and awards and worldwide recognition are a testament to his unique talent as a man of media,” can - read in a company press release.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has been interviewed several times by Larry King, praised the memory of the American journalist. "The President has always appreciated his great professionalism and his indisputable journalistic authority" announced the spokesman for the Russian Head of State, Dmitri Peskov.

The interviewer of all American presidents

He presented the Larry King Live show for twenty-five years. He has interviewed all US presidents since 1974 and leaders such as Palestinian Yasser Arafat or Russian Vladimir Putin, as well as stars like Frank Sinatra, Marlon Brando, or Barbra Streisand.

Larry King left CNN in 2010. He then continued to interview, aired on his site, and in 2012 launched the Larry King Now show on Ora TV, an on-demand Internet channel, which he co-founded. In 2013, he began hosting Politicking with Larry King there.

Over a million viewers every night

His real name Larry Zeiger, a Jewish child from Brooklyn born on November 19, 1933, to Russian immigrant parents, was orphaned at the age of ten. Affected by this death, he no longer made an effort at school and never went to university. However, he dreams of a career in radio and goes to Florida to try his luck. He thus became a disc jockey in a Miami radio station and changed his name to "King", the station manager considering his name as "too ethnic".

In 1978, he left Florida for Washington where he launched a national radio talk show, then for local television. The CNN channel spotted him and incorporated him into its night programs in 1985. When he celebrated his forty-year career in 1997, he said he was "proud" of his success gained thanks to a simple recipe. " I'm curious. I ask interesting questions. I'm not here to embarrass [my guests], I've always liked to make hosts relax. "

Every evening, the ritual was the same then: usually from his Washington studio, with the city lights in the background, Larry King was chatting casually with his host before in the second part, he answered the questions. phone questions from around the world. The show was broadcast six evenings a week, transmitted to over 200 countries and territories. At the height of his success, Larry King gathered more than a million viewers every night, which made him the star of the cable channels and allowed him to negotiate a salary of more than $ 7 million annually. Yet in 2010, with a loss of ratings, Larry King left the Ted Turner channel.

Married eight times to seven different women, the octogenarian had five children.