Katy Perry and George Clooney are in Celebs' Threads

Katy Perry and George Clooney are in Celebs' Threads

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All the celebrity news is in "20 Minutes"

George Clooney writes love letters to his wife even when confined with her

George Clooney is a frozen lover, and, although confined to his wife, Amal, he continues to keep the flame alive with love letters.

"Even during confinement, I write to her, and I leave the letter on her desk, or she will write to me and leave the letter under the pillow." I really believe in letters. I have letters from Paul Newman, Walter Cronkite, Gregory Peck. I framed them. They are in the house. If it was texting, it would sound different. It may be something generational. Maybe in twenty years, it will not be the same, ”he told AARP.

What romanticism!

Katy Perry has been transformed since being a mom

Paul McCartney photobombs the TikTok of a user ... who realizes it at home

Paul McCartney made a photobomb on the video of a TikTok user, who had filmed her visit to New York… without realizing that the British icon appeared on his video, made up of photos taken during her journey. "I was taking pictures of New York then I realized when I got home that THE Paul McCartney had photobombed me," she explains in her video.

“I was leaving the MET after the Play It Loud show, and I watched the Beatles part because I love music. I wanted to take a cute photo so I turned around, but I was facing my mother, I did not see Paul before I turned around, ”she adds, as relayed by the NME.

Problem… Mae Archie posted the video containing the photo… to the sound of a Queen song!