Jean-Luc Reichmann makes a "mea culpa" for the attention of the Reunionese

Jean-Luc Reichmann makes a "mea culpa" for the attention of the Reunionese

Violet Field inEntertainmentDec 29, 2020 2 min read4 views

Sunday, the host of the game of TF1 asked "a thousand pardons" to people who were struck by a question broadcast in the broadcast of October 24

Jean-Luc Reichmann on the 12 coups de midi plateau. - JP BALTEL / TF1

In Les 12 Coups de midi, Sunday, Jean-Luc Reichmann took advantage of a question on the island of Reunion to "make his mea culpa".“There were a few small indelicacies that were not intended at all. I want to make it clear because I always defend my teams to the end, so a thousand pardons. We apologize to you if, at any given moment, we were able to hurt or shock, it was obviously just to smile because we love Reunion more than anything, ”said the host.

An apology that comes a little over two months after a question of TF1's game sparked controversy. In the broadcast of October 24, Jean-Luc Reichmann asked a candidate "How can we sometimes recognize the Réunionese?»And offered to choose between two answers« Their very long nail »or« Their eleventh finger ».

The first option was the expected correct answer. In the voiceover, Zette then explained that the tradition of the fingernail dates back to "Chinese immigration" to facilitate the removal of hemp wicks from oil lamps.

"Sadly banal example of ordinary racism"

The sequence outraged many Reunionese. The Union of Reunion Students of France (UERH) had seized the CSA on this subject.“It is […] suggested by the program that the people of Reunion would be recognizable by a genetic difference:“ their 11th finger ”.This dubious association between the Reunionese and their "11th finger" reminds us of the arguments of the racialist authors of the XIXth century suggesting a hierarchy between the races, mixing scientific assertions and popular prejudices ", detailed the association.

Valérie Bègue, Miss Réunion 2007 and Miss France 2008 estimated on Instagram that it is a "sadly banal example of ordinary racism". "The awkwardness of this question and the somewhat simplistic justification shocked many of us, Réunionese," she added before concluding: "Obviously, I do not accuse the channel or its host of racism. I just appeal to their vigilance to try to avoid in the future to convey this kind of cliché. The message posted in the story has obviously been heard. Ironically, this Sunday, the question asked was "Where are Valérie Bègue and Dimitri Payet from?" "