Japan's highest-paid cartoonist: The One Piece author's royalty annual income is as high as 845 million yuan

Japan's highest-paid cartoonist: The One Piece author's royalty annual income is as high as 845 million yuan

Violet Field inEntertainmentApr 28, 2020 3 min read10 views

Japanese comics are very famous all over the world, so the profession of a cartoonist is also very recognized in Japan, so for those famous cartoonists, the income must be considerable.

 1. Oda Eiichiro

  Personal profile: Oda Eiichiro is the highest-paid cartoonist in Japan, and the author of the famous manga and anime "One Piece". He has been ranked first in the Japanese manga magazine for many years and has many fans around the world. One Piece has been serialized for more than 20 years, and it is precisely based on this that it has created an astonishing record of royalty revenue of 845 million yuan.

  Representative works: "One Piece"

  Main achievements: Global comics circulation exceeds Guinness record

  2. Toriyama Akira

  Personal brief introduction: Toriyama is a famous cartoonist in Japan. He was born in 1955. He was first known for his work "Ala Lei". The cute characters in it were also loved by many children; 》 The series is also famous in the world for its unique plot and painting style, which has achieved sales of 250 million copies and annual royalties of up to 414 million yuan.

  Representative works: "Dragon Ball", "Ala Lei"

  Main Achievement: Special Award for the 40th Anniversary of Angola International Comics Festival

  3. Autumn

  Personal profile: Akimoto is a famous cartoonist in Japan. His original job was as an animator. After becoming a professional cartoonist full-time, he began to serialize "Oolong Police Station" in the weekly magazine, and rely on the characteristics of the small people and social life. The realistic style has gained very high popularity, and its annual royalty income is as high as 413 million yuan, which has become one of the highest-paid cartoonists in Japan.

  Representative works: "Wolong Police Station"

  Main achievements: The longest serialized comic book recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records ("Oolong Police Station")

  4. Gangshan Guangcheng

  Personal brief introduction: Aoyama Gangchang is a famous cartoonist in Japan. He has a high passion for detective inference novels since he was a child, and is also an anime fan. In 1994, he launched the first issue of the "Detective Conan" comic, which is also famous throughout the country. In 2003, it exceeded 100 million copies of the circulation, and its annual royalty income was as high as 370 million yuan.

  Representative works: "Detective Conan", "Magic Fight", "Urban Scene"

  Main achievements: the 5th Japan Art Award, the 37th Fujimoto Award

  5. The History of Kishimoto

  Personal profile: Kishimoto Kishi is a famous cartoonist in Japan, and his representative work is also very familiar to everyone, "Naruto", which has high popularity in the country. This anime has won the love of the global audience with its unique style and plot design, and the author has also achieved a royalty income of 356 million yuan based on this.

  Representative works: "Naruto"

  Main achievements: Ending the Comic Awards 2014 Silver Award: "Naruto", won the "Quill Pen Award" in the United States