In "Quotidien", Damso announces that his next album is "already done"

In "Quotidien", Damso announces that his next album is "already done"

Violet Field inEntertainmentJan 24, 2021 2 min read1 views

The Belgian rapper seems to have planned the end of his career well

Damso on the set of "Quotidien" - Screenshot / TMC

Already the fifth album for Damso? As he released his latest album, QALF, in September, the Belgian rapper made an amazing revelation on the set of Quotidien Friday. Asked about the end of his career probably planned for 2022, he explained that he would do "something else", adding: "I am someone curious. I can diversify. I do not know. Producer… Open up to other things, because music I know it, and therefore I will always make it. "

Since the rapper implied that he still has time to make another album, Yann Barthès went fishing for the news… and it took a bite out of the hook. "Of course, but it has already been done" replied Damso, to the astonishment of the host of Quotidien. “We finished the mix this month, by the way, we've been working on it for a year. "

Logically, this disc should therefore be released before 2022. But when exactly? “I can't say yet, we finish the mix well. It is in relation to the mix. I take my time because this is precious to me, ”Damso explained. Will it be the sequel to Ipséité, his second album? The mystery remains for the moment.